About Us

Foundry features an eclectic mix of furnishings, from vintage to modern, from industrial bookshelves to French buffets, and from small quirky findings to large statement pieces. You never know what you’ll find… you may see hand-painted chests sitting alongside linen-and-burlap armchairs and industrial stools. Vintage theater lights hang alongside oil canvases and time-worn maps. What they all have in common is that each has a unique story, which owner Yvette Freeman is happy to tell. 

Our shop is restocked and restyled daily, so even our most loyal customers will always find something new with every visit!

Meet the team

For more than twenty years, Yvette Freeman has been designing and building award-winning, luxurious, and unique spaces in the District of Columbia and across the Southeast. This passion has taken her around the country and throughout Europe rummaging through barns, warehouses, flea markets, and estate sales. Along the way, she’s reclaimed materials, furniture and home décor — some centuries old — to incorporate into her distinctive, contemporary designs. Yvette’s two-decade obsession has become more than a personal hobby. It’s a story of professional excellence and commitment to the preservation and repurposing of some of the most magnificent mixed-use and single-family homes ever built. If you ask Yvette she will tell you that every piece has a story and you should collect what you love, if you do that, you’ll never go wrong.

yvette freeman

Hey, I'm Sarah and my go-to is graphic design & visual merchandising. I'm a New York native - Go Cuse! - and spent over a decade in New York City before moving to Virginia. My favorite pastime is traveling and bottomless brunches, but now my weekends are filled with working on home projects and gardening. When I'm not shopping for antiques or redecorating rooms in my historic home, I'm designing wedding invitations and event stationery.

sarah covello

Ellis recently returned to the East Coast after spending the past decade in LA. As an active actor of the stage and screen, she is honored to step into the lives of the characters she portrays and share their stories with audiences. Over the past year, Yvette has inspired her to explore a different kind of story: her unique style story. Ellis has found that, like the characters she plays, each piece selected to debut at Foundry has its own history and decades, or even centuries, of stories to tell. She prefers the smell of old books to new ink, is drawn to worn leather and bright lace, hopes to soon frequent greasy wood bar counters, sunken marble stairways of museums and overgrown gardens . She plans on haunting a house someday in the far off future.  

ellis greer hooper

Sarah was born and raised in Oak Hill, Virginia and is now a resident of Lucketts, Virginia with her husband and two dogs. She’s gone from being taken to antique stores as a little kid to now having her own passion for the hunt. When she’s not at Foundry or working her full-time job as a social worker, Sarah spends her spare time at auctions or picking through flea markets to find the perfect treasures. She particularly loves vintage industrial pieces, old cameras, and anything dog related.

SARAH Miller

our philosophy

At Foundry, our goal is to provide our customers with an ever-changing collection of quality items at reasonable prices. We pride ourselves in changing it up. There’s something new that comes through the door everyday so you never know what  you'll  find! 

We consider every customer a friend, and we strive to provide each shopper with a unique experience that goes beyond the purchase of vintage items or vintage furniture.

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